Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little bit of excitment

Here at Sheep Hollow Farm spring is slow in coming. You can barely see the buds forming on the apple trees. Usually by now they would have flowered. It is cold and wet. We live where we have a very high water table (read..Swamp!) With all the rain we received last year and so far this spring, I cannot set foot in my garden yet. I am planning on putting in a bunch of raised beds this year in preparation for next year so I can start gardening a little bit earlier. Anyway, we ran out of wood last week so we had to go out and get some. We have in floor water heat so our floors are cement and with the heat off the floors are very cold. It is nice in the summer time as the house remains cool but we usually burn wood all the way up to June or this year looking like maybe even longer. Friday the temp. is only suppose to be 49. So, we hooked the John Deere up to the rock wagon last night and headed out to the pasture to scrounge up some wood. Mind you, there is water standing everywhere on our place. Even on the lawn. We figured with the light tractor that  we would be okay. We were until we tried to come back with a load...okay it was only a 1/4 of a load. It pulled the JD right in. Half way up the tires!!! The hitch was below ground! So we walked back up to the yard and got a little bigger tractor. We had unhooked the wagon to try and get the JD out so we chained the wagon to the back of the JD and pulled the whole shebang back to the yard with the Minneapolis Moline. As we were coming up in the pasture we see BF's daughter walking out to us. She needed a Moline at her place because the septic guy buried his fully loaded truck on her lawn. It was only about 15 feet off the driveway. The Moline he used was almost out of Diesel so we hopped on his MM UB tractor pulling tractor and headed over there. We pulled him about foot and then had to shovel out in front of his back tires because the sod was up to the top of the tires. Then another foot, and figured this wasn't going to work. So, we headed back home and put the batteries in the biggest tractor we had and went back to try again. No luck. The back end of the truck just kept sinking away and he had a square tubing bar on the back of his truck that was dug right into the sod. So, BF's daughter drove me home and I drove over his other tractor pulling tractor...and Oliver 77. I hooked on in front of the big tractor with a flexible tow strap. Still nothing. So, she has a septic truck spending the night at her house because by this time it was dark and we couldn't see to dig out the tires anymore. The septic man is going to have his brother bring his truck over and unload the &*%$ out of it and then it will probably just pull right out..after all a load of crap is a LOAD!!!!!!!! 

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  1. oh cindy i love your little stories keep em comen n i hope it dries out for you ,love you guys take it easy. love the other daughter