Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Those dang cats are at it again. One found its way into the chicken coop during the night before and ate three of my little chicks. So I spent the day yesterday cat proofing my baby chick pen. First, I made it so that the babies couldn't get out of the pen because than mom can't protect them and then I made it so the cats cannot get in. What gets me is the cat that was in their wasn't even one of ours! We have a female cat in heat and I have counted 6 different tom cats here in the last week. We are kind of far away from neighbors but those animals sure do figure out when sumpin is up at the neighbors!!!
I also spent the early early hours of yesterday replanting tomato plants and planting all my vine crops in the house.
Today I am going to plant a few more things and then clean up where the chicken house was and clean up all the branches that we cut off the fence line. It won't be long and I will be putting lots and lots of fence!!! Anybody wanna help???

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