Monday, April 4, 2011

Radioactive rain

I had written a blog post last week and then two days later deleted it. I thought I was being silly and doom and gloom but I should have left it. I was depressed. I had read a report of not to be outside in the rain without having your entire body covered up because of the Japan nuclear thing. You should cover up with a plastic raincoat as this can be washed off and take a shower afterward. Well, I thought I was overreacting the other day when it was snowing and I had to go outside so I deleted my overly depressing post. Turns out the radiation has reached MN and it was raining out last night. Now, I am back to being depressed.
There is no safe amount of radiation and the goverment that tells us that it is in safe levels is lying to us.
http:/ has a good article to read on this and also some action steps you can take to help get rid of nucear energy...if it isn't already to late.
I am becoming most concerned about growing my garden and raising our meat this year. Will our soil be contaminated???
Tommorow and maybe for a few days I will be writing about Monsanto and the very evil of GMO and how poor our food supply is as far as nutrients goes.

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  1. Cindy-- I agree with you here. No GMO's and monster company's ruling our food supplies. I do need to read the website you put up as I have not put much thought into Nuclear power or usage. It is very difficult to eat or grow or produce anything unpolluted especially when you consider something as small as contaminated rain water.