Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Homemeade Pizza

We had homemade pizza last night and it was about as homemade as you can get. The crust was made with our own grown and ground wheat. The pizza sauce was made with our own garden tomatoes and raised herbs. The vegetable toppings were from the garden (zucchini slices and broccoli frozen last year). The cheese,  garlic and herb, was from a new store in our area that is run by Mennonites and was made with unpasteurized milk and rBST free. The Italian sausage was from our local meat market and came from pork raised locally. Next year, or perhaps this fall we will have our own pork.

It was very tasty and filling.
I am very concerned today about news of our economy. It seems that Standard & Poor, who make credit ratings, is going to downgrade the nations credit rating. Then none of the debt buyers are going to buy US debt. Our money will be worthless. The US is going down and I would urge everyone to prepare yourselves. There is alot of info on the net about preparedness so I won't go into here but I urge you to consider it and get started right away. Store food and water. Get your finances in a row. It might already be to late for that but do what you can.
The radiation fallout from Japan is also another reason to get prepared. Pres. Obama says not to worry about it and not to prepare BUT he has a fully stocked fallout bunker that he and his family and all of the Washington elite can live in for a long time. He doesn't care about the rest of us peons!
On a side note, I was asked what my favorite bread recipe was and right now I don't have an answer to that. I am currently using my bread machine recipe that I use all whole wheat instead of half whole wheat and half white flour like the recipe says. I just let the bread machine mix it and then I take it out and let it rise in the pan. I don't have a  mixer at this time and I don't have the time or the patience to mix and knead by hand. I can do it however, if I have to. The draw back to this is that I can only make one loaf at a time. When I get a mixer then I will be making three loaves at a time and I have several recipes I will be trying out then. I need to get one soon as now that spring is here I am going to be very, very busy and outside most of the time so I will not have time to bake one loaf at at ime. I am looking into getting an antique bread maker online. It is like a mixer but you do it by hand so I could grind wheat with my hand crank grinder  and mix bread without electricity if I had to.


  1. I had a bread maker that burned the crust every time so I got rid of the beast (it took up too much room in my hallway kitchen to stay), but I never thought to keep it just to mix the dough. I found a wooden dough bowl for super cheep and rise my bread in that after I mix it with a wooden spoon by hand. This is ok, however I do agree that hand mixing and kneading are a tone of work. Those settlers must have had guns of steal doing all the manual labor they do!

  2. Just found this, think I will try and make these this weekend!


  3. I want to get a wooden dough bowl too. I checked on that link and those biscuits look very good!!! The only thing is though I would not make them with margerine!