Friday, April 8, 2011

Gorgeous Day!

What a beautiful day! We are suppose to hit 70 today. Well, my canner seems to be working fine as I canned 7 quarts of carrots yesterday. I plan on squeezing in 7 more today even though it is so nice out.
Last night for supper I made potato latkes. This is a very good way to use your late stored potatooes that may be getting soft. All you do is mix in an egg or two in your left over mashed potatoes and fry like a pancake. I use at least two eggs and yesterday I boiled up some soft potatoes just to make these for supper. I mashed them with milk but no butter and they turned out great. I season them in the pan with Lawry's season salt or garlic powder or cayenne pepper or sometimes even ginger, whatever I am in the mood for.
Today I transplanted my tomato plants. When they get there first two true leaves I plant them all the way up to the leaves. This grows strong plants that have roots all the way up. Depending on when I get these started I may do this 3 or 4 times before they go out to the garden. When I plant them in the garden, I dig a trench and lay the plant in it sideways and cover. I didn't start my tomato plants early enough this year so I am transplanting them in a big hanging pot that I only filled half way with dirt and I will continue to fill it as they grow. I am also planting my vine crops today, inside of course.
I need to go out and finish my chick starting pen so the cats can't get in there. I peeked under the one setting hen and she had a few chicks hatched. Last year I ordered 50 chicks, received 54, and then lost all but 11 to the &*%$#^ cats. Never again!!!

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  1. Kaighty wants chicks so bad. We just don't have spare wood to build a pen. We live in a rented home in a neighborhood, not on a farm. We want a farm so badly right now. In this economy, it seems like it is the only way to ensure food on the table with not job. Back to the coop, bummer for Kaighty. Maybe we'll find a used pen on craigslist or something. I totally plant my tomatoes that way too! We don't have any luck with the plants though, I have never been able to eat a ripe tomato. I get these stupid leaf footed bugs that ruin the fruit before they are ripe. So I am taking a year off of tomatoes this year and will try again next year. Maybe the bugs will forget about us and I can get some ripe fruit next year! Enjoy the weather, it is supposed to hit 90 here today. whoooa!