Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Culinary Herbalism

Today I watched an excellent video brought to me via John Gallager from herb He has a new site called culinary herbalism and he has a show on their called John's Herbal Reality Show. Here is the link to the video: You have to sign up which is easy but it was worth it and I cannot wait until he comes out with more shows.
The premise behind culinary herbalism is to eat your herbal nutrition. I am sure there is a more technical  way to describe it but this is the way I think and understand things...simple! In the video he had  K.P. Khalsa, who is the president of the American Herbalist Guild, a holistic practitioner for over 40 years, author of over 30 books, on the senior editorial board of the Harvard Natural Standard, former chief formulator for the Yogi Tea Company, and a professor at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine.
He cooked two dishes that sound absolutely delicious and are packed with good food medicine and nutrition. One of the dishes used burdock root. For those of you that are not familiar with burdock root it the plant that produces cockle burrs that stick to you when you walk in the woods. The roots are very nutritious and also help cleanse and tone your body. This is one wild edible that I have eaten for a few years. The roots resemble parsnips. They are very hard to dig and some people actually grow them in their gardens for ease of harvest. I thought about doing this also for the last few years but I know they are even better for you if found in the wild and we have plenty of them growing here at Sheep Hollow Farm. The other wild food I eat a lot of is Stinging Nettle. Yes, I do. It is very good for you and it has more vitamins and minerals than spinach. I use it in dishes just like I do spinach. I also save the water which I blanch it in before freezing for adding to my tea or I give it to the chickens. After it is cooked it has no prickly, burning compounds left.
I will blog more about these nutritious foods and many more in future blogs.
Happy wild food hunting!
P.S. I can't wait for morel season!!!

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