Thursday, April 7, 2011

Canning in April

In MN???? Yes, canning in April in MN. I have three half barrels of carrots in sand in my cold room. One of the barrels rotted on me. I am not sure if I damped it too much or if their was bad one that spread its badness. Thats one thing about storing them in sand is you can't go through and check on them. Next year I am going to only store varieties that are long keepers and only in a single layer instead of the three I did this year. I am also not going to store so many as I hope to dry alot of stuff this year also. Anyway, back to canning. Last time I used my pressure canner I thought I had problems with it. I haven't used it for along time and couldn't really remember so I thought I would can up some carrots and see whats up. I am waiting for the jiggle right now.
Another thing that is going to be differetn in this years garden is: THINNING!!! My carrots are huge and all odd shaped so they were very hard to clean and cut up. My wrist is sore. How big you say? Well, one carrot filled up 2 quart jars...yes, I said two!!!! Much to hard to cut up!  Over the winter we have had numerous roast dinners with one carrot and one potato and still had leftovers. Thats how big my potoates were too. I had one carrot that looked just like a big fat foot complete with toes and toe nails. I put it in the sink with the rest to wash and  then I was going to take a picture of it for on here but of course I forgot. I forget alot.

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