Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy Weekend

Wow, what a weekend. We spent all day Saturday moving our chicken house. It made sense to do so but what a job. It was situated right in front of the sheep barn so if we want to get more sheep it was taking up space for livestock. I am going to expand the sheep pen and make a small pen on the end for a few beef steers to raise for meat. This will be their winter pen. The chicken coop sits on four stringers. The coop was originally a hog barn that was at his daughters place just down the road. He drilled two holes on the end of the outside stringers and put a bolt through it and attached chains to the bolts and drug it down the road and brought it here. This was probably 10 years or so ago. We hooked onto the bolts, gave her a tug and broke the end off one of the stringers! Guess they rotted over time. So, we drilled holes through the center two stringers and hooked on to them. Same thing. So, we tried the one good middle one and the one good outside one. Broke the middle one! So, we ended up going and getting all the chains we had and hooking onto the back of the stringers and running the chains underneath.
First try.
Finally progress!!! Until we got to the huge puddle!!!

So, we get stuck and cannot move any more. We get another tractor and try to pull the first tractor with the tow strap. We break the tow strap. So, we hook both tractors up side by side at which point I had to drive one and couldn't take pictures anymore! So, we are pulling the building tandem style. All was going well except I didn't realize how close I was to my new fence post and took it out and the small door with the ramp that the chickens go in and out with. So, I have repairs to do today. It took us all day to unhook the electricity and ready the building for moving and moving it and it will take a whole nother day to swing the back end of the building over to where I want it and rehook up the electricity. I will be taking pics of where it sitting now and all the damage we did getting it there!
I also had 6 baby chicks hatch out that a hen was sitting on. I have two more sitting. My poor hens don't know where their house went to so they are roosting in the sheep barn on the hay stack but we will get them straightened out!
We got a 1/2 inch or so of rain on Saturday night and even a thunderstorm and then it misted and drizzled all day on Sunday so we worked in the shop. We tore the starter out of the skid loader and cleaned it and tried to find out what was wrong with it. This was no easy feat as the starter is under the engine and you can only get one hand down their at at time. We had to take the seat out and one of us had to kneel where the seat was and one of had to assist on the side with one hand. We determined that it just needed to be cleaned as the solenoid was so greasy in side that it wasn't working properly. So, we cleaned it and put the starter back in. Nope...the solenoid is bad so out it came again. My arms are all black and blue and sore from reaching down in that thing! Today, I will be chasing parts!
I am forgoing my usual Monday cleaning and washing day to be outside as it is suppose to be sunny all day today and cloudy and rainy tomorrow. I want to get the crab apple tree trimmed up and see if I can get in shape so I can get some apples off of it this year. I also have lots of clean up to do from moving the coop. Their is a whole bunch of cement blocks to dig out of the mud where they sank. At least the coop should not keep sinking in the ground where it is moved too.


  1. Wow- I love your never give up spirit. That is so hard to keep up when things keep failing, but I guess that is farm life, nothing is ever easy or we would all be doing it! Love the pictures added to the blog.

  2. Thank you!!! I know I need to do more pictures!