Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well, I can tell things are starting to busy around here so I guess that means spring! Last night we had to pull the washer out because it was leaking so as long as I had the them both moved out I cleaned behind them today. The washer is still leaking so he will have to look at them again tonight. I had to dig a trench in the sheep pen as there was huge lake forming in there. I also fixed the doors for the outside chicken run and put Chester (my male ram) out for the day and let the chickens out. We drug up four trees on Sunday so I should go out and start cutting them because they will be in water pretty soon. It was cold last week but this week is near 32 all week. We got another 4 inches of snow on Sunday. Yesterday I took the skid loader out and cleaned up some around the yard. Saturday morning we picked up my new dog. He is half Australian Shepard and half border collie. I think he is very smart and will make ad excellent farm dog. Both breeds are known for herding. The people we brought him from says that his stay by the pasture gate when it is open and won't let his horses out.

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