Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last week was a busy one. Bf was layed off and M was here all week. We started the week off with sheet rocking the shop office. I moved him out of his original office for my cold room so we are trying to finish the new office. Got the sheet rocking done, the light fixture in, actually two...the first one wasn't bright enough so we had to find another one. Now I just need to paint it and put all his stuff in and it will be done. Then we moved on to rearranging things and cleaning the rest of the shop. We built a new welding table. Then we started back on Larry tractor. We are putting a irrigation motor in a tractor pulling tractor for him. We also cut wood and dragged a bunch of trees up to the pasture. We also refixed the radiator in the work car as it was leaking again after hitting the deer and then brought my car in and glued the window back in the frame.
Monday I went out in the afternoon and cut up some of the trees we drug up and brought them to the wood room and stacked them. Bf helped me some when he got home from work. My car is still in the shop as we have to look at and fix the shocks. We also found a couple tires for the work car as the front ones are getting bad and determined that the alternator belt had broke on the farm truck. So those will be our week after work projects.
I am also constructing a shock mat to put on my car to teach the cats to stay off of it. This week I have extreme house cleaning to do and seeds to plant. I have several shop projects that I am working on also. I also need to get out my pressure canner and deterimine if something is wrong with it and see whats going on with it. I am going to can up some carrots as some of them are gettting rotten.
Today it is freezing rain and we are suppose to get 5 to 10 inches of snow by tomorrow night so I put down more straw for the sheep, made sure everyone was full on water, and carried in a bale of hay for Chester so I don't have to haul it through the new snow.

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