Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well, I am done lambing. My last lamb was born on the 16th. I ended up with 4 rams and 2 ewes, and I lost 1 ewe lamb. Only one set of twins. We ended putting a pen in the corner for her and her twins as they are just so tiny and I wanted to stay by there moms becuase the other sheep were butting them and knocking them around. It means I have to water her twice a day but it is worth it.
We finally bought a decent car to drive. A Lincoln with all the bells an whistles. I sure do like it though. Bf's other car is nice for a work car but he hit so many deer with it that I hate to drive it anywhere. It looks awful.
Our beautiful weather turned cold again and we suppose to get a bunch of snow tomorrow. It sounds like south of us will be getting lots of snow. Alot of snow melted and the frost even came out of the ground in places. We have our big driveway sink hole again already!
My dd was induced yesterday...grandchild number 2....we are sill waiting as of this morning though. I will probably go up there later today. I hope I will be in their again when she delivers like I was for the last one.
Bf just went out to cut some wood. I didn't go with him because I pulled a muscle between my shoulder blades this morning banging a frozen water pail against the fence to break up the ice!

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