Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cold Cold Cold

For the last three days we did not make it above zero but today is starting a warming trend! We will be 50 degrees warmer tomorrow but still be below freezing!!!! Gotta love Minnesota. Well, Chester my ram, is not nice and little anymore. I cannot go near him and he tries to charge me. I let him out of the barn the other day for exercise and I could not walk to the house!! Bf says he would make a good watch dog!!!!
Since last fall I have been baking bread with flour that we have ground our self and wheat we have grown right here on our farm. We both agree that there is no way we could go back to store bought bread. I was grinding the flour by hand as we have been testing many ways to automate it without spending money on the motor attachment and we finally came up with a way. We tried using a drill but it was to fast and the grinder got hot, which isn't good for the wheat. After a few more trials with things that didn't have enough power we finally came up with the drill press. He can gear it down far enough to grind the most perfect flour. His doesn't pivot however, so we have to tip it on its side between two tables but we are working on finding and old drill press that has a pivot head and than that will stay in my cold room and be a permanent grain grinder.

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