Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well, I am done lambing. My last lamb was born on the 16th. I ended up with 4 rams and 2 ewes, and I lost 1 ewe lamb. Only one set of twins. We ended putting a pen in the corner for her and her twins as they are just so tiny and I wanted to stay by there moms becuase the other sheep were butting them and knocking them around. It means I have to water her twice a day but it is worth it.
We finally bought a decent car to drive. A Lincoln with all the bells an whistles. I sure do like it though. Bf's other car is nice for a work car but he hit so many deer with it that I hate to drive it anywhere. It looks awful.
Our beautiful weather turned cold again and we suppose to get a bunch of snow tomorrow. It sounds like south of us will be getting lots of snow. Alot of snow melted and the frost even came out of the ground in places. We have our big driveway sink hole again already!
My dd was induced yesterday...grandchild number 2....we are sill waiting as of this morning though. I will probably go up there later today. I hope I will be in their again when she delivers like I was for the last one.
Bf just went out to cut some wood. I didn't go with him because I pulled a muscle between my shoulder blades this morning banging a frozen water pail against the fence to break up the ice!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring is here!!!

It has been so nice for the last five days...almost 50 everyday!!!! I had my first set of twins born late yesterday afternoon... a ram and a ewe. Thy are so tiny. I went to the elevator today and bought some colostrum booster for them so I will go out after this and attempt to feed them.
The chickens are loving this weather as I have let them outside for the past three days.
I belong to five different seed swapping groups on line so I am always getting new seeds in the mail. I love going to get the mail. I only grow heirloom and rare seeds here. I will be starting plants in the house next week.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cold Cold Cold

For the last three days we did not make it above zero but today is starting a warming trend! We will be 50 degrees warmer tomorrow but still be below freezing!!!! Gotta love Minnesota. Well, Chester my ram, is not nice and little anymore. I cannot go near him and he tries to charge me. I let him out of the barn the other day for exercise and I could not walk to the house!! Bf says he would make a good watch dog!!!!
Since last fall I have been baking bread with flour that we have ground our self and wheat we have grown right here on our farm. We both agree that there is no way we could go back to store bought bread. I was grinding the flour by hand as we have been testing many ways to automate it without spending money on the motor attachment and we finally came up with a way. We tried using a drill but it was to fast and the grinder got hot, which isn't good for the wheat. After a few more trials with things that didn't have enough power we finally came up with the drill press. He can gear it down far enough to grind the most perfect flour. His doesn't pivot however, so we have to tip it on its side between two tables but we are working on finding and old drill press that has a pivot head and than that will stay in my cold room and be a permanent grain grinder.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today I spent most of my time on my computer. The poor thing is full becuase I have at least a 1000 websites, 20 books, and countless word documents and pdf's saved on it. So, I am trying to clean it off. That is not an easy task becuase of course I have to check everyhitng out and then add more things to the favorite list!!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today I spent most of the day going through the listings on the three seed swap groups I belong too. I am trying to amass heirloom seeds and rare seeds. The things grown long ago have so much more flavor and you can actually save seeds from them and they will grow true.
When bf got home we ate and went to town to get some diesel as we will have to clean the driveway tommorow.