Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Been awhile since I had time to get on the puter. We have been real busy. The sweet corn is up, the wheat is planted and up and most of the garden is complete. Did some weeding last night. Sat. morning we helped a friend move his new woman in. We have been getting so much rain. I don't think we will be getting the corn field planted this year. He was going to plant oats tonite but now he won't be able to. It has been raining since 4 this morning. (1:00 now). Monty and I were going to go to Dad's and mow at his hunting land but we can't now. Last week we got about an inch and a half total and the last two days we probably got another inch. So, I am baking cookies and then have to run to LP for an appointment for Monty.
Last week we drug up the Husqvarna riding mower that was in the pasture and I took it apart. We were going to put the deck on our mower because it is shot but then L. S. brought over another rider so we spent most of sat. and some of sunday getting it running and then I mowed the lawn with it. That is a never ending job here all summer because of the high water table....the grass is always growing no matter hot and dry.

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