Friday, May 14, 2010

Wow...woke up to beautiful sunshine today!!! Yeah!!!! Now maybe I can get out of this funky mood I am in. We had cloudy dark rainy weather for most of this month. Got another 1/4" last night so all in all we got about 3 1/2" of rain so far this month.
It's only 10:30 and I have gotten a lot done already. Been to town, cleaned out the wood room, fed all the animals, brought the sheep in and caught my little lamby who was limping. I can't see anything wrong with her leg but I think she got kicked by one of the horses when I brought them into their pen the other day to get the old one out of the cold rain. I think the lamb will be okay though.
I plan on picking dandelions today for wine and jelly and maybe flower fritters and picking stinging nettle to process and put in my chicken pot pie for supper. I also want to measure things for my second sheep pen and see how things are going to work out. It will probably be used for my ram. I have 6 corn crib panels that will work nicely and some woven wire for the far side. I just need to figure how big I can go.
Afternoon: Didn't get a whole lot figured out on the fence. Did start cleaning out the barn...what a job that is going to be...I can't do to much more until it dries up more and I can buzz around in the skid loader and move stuff around and bring it to were it goes.
Evening: Spent the evening working on the rockpicker.

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