Thursday, May 13, 2010

A new begining

I am starting this blog as a way to remember all the things going on in my new busy life and to record things such as weather and garden things. This beginning will probably be long as I have some catching up to do to remember things from last August when I started on this new chapter in my life!

Today is day 4 of dark cloudy rainy weather but it is suppose to be the last. Last Sunday, Mother's day, we started planting the filed garden. We planted 2 kinds of potatoes, 2 kinds of onions, carrots, and radishes. April 5th, I started my tomatoes, brussel sprouts and peppers in the house. Sometime between then and now I also started some pumpkins, melons, and zukes. Yesterday, I replanted most of my tomatoes into a big wooden box. I had originally put this box into the wheelbarrow and filled it with dirt from my field garden. I then pushed it to the house and waited for BF to carry it in for me. We figured after he brought it in that it probably weighed over 100 pounds. My guy is strong but he really struggled getting that thing in here. So, I took out one 5 gallon pail of dirt and replanted the tomatoes. I have a feeling that I will probably add some of that dirt back in though! Anyway, that is my garden so far. Oh, I planted peas, lettuce and spinach in the old garden about six weeks ago. They are off to a slow start so far.
We have gotten about 2 and half inches of rain this week. There are puddles everywhere and everything is mud. BF was going to seed one field with wheat on Monday but it started raining just as he got home from work. Monday I cleaned and organized the tool room. Just waiting for shelves for one wall for electric fence supplies. Tuesday it was only 39 at 11:00 am. Can't wait for the forcasted 70's coming up this next week.

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